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Hey ,I'm Zakiya, the proud owner of Intentional Infusions. I'm thrilled to share the exciting news that I'm now pursuing my passions in the beauty, health, and esthetics industry! From nails to skincare and spa relaxation.I've always been infatuated creating an authentic and intentional experience through self care.

I have been passionate for quite sometime about the beauty industry and it’s aspects of health and aesthetically pleasing factors. I started out with an infatuation with nails and small nail care products which then led to my first launch of a press on nail business from 2019 -2021, shortly after my passion for skincare and therapeutic products for self care consumption , grew and I instantly knew that I wanted to create an authentic & intentional experience through therapeutic goods and products ,so in 2021 I launched @intentional.infusions as seen on Instagram which at the time carried another name until I finally rebranded in year of 2022 and finalized my personal passion and mission. Throughout the popular progression and high demand favorites of my brands products I knew @intentional.infusions was the next big thing in the self care industry. I knew was worth the daily consumption for everyone wanting to invite intentional & therapeutic care into their daily routines.This all trickled down to wanting to solidify and finally go legit and make a name for myself. As of January 2024 I will be officially enrolled and starting Cosmetology School , I will gain licensing for esthetics, manicuring, hair styling & relaxation remedies. If you have been watching me for sometime and felt reluctant to engage and buy , the time is now to start this cultivating relationship with @intentional.infusions and watch me grow and progress as a business owner /student. Trusting in the process is so rewarding and shopping with @intentional.infusions is too. Remember that everytime you place an order with us , your order proceeds go towards my education. I thank everyone in advance that are willing to embark this journey and show full support.


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